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NASA Space Shuttle - Live Stream

Event: Space shuttle mission to the international space station
For our students with an interest in space technology, we bring you this live feed of NASA's  Space Shuttle mission to the international space station -  If there is no picture, please refresh the page (Hit F5) or right-click on the space for the image and select refresh. Click on the 'Play' button to start the live stream.

Courtesy: Adisadel Old Boys Association(AOBA)-North America. 

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List of Donors for the Centenary          

Friday 2 July 2010: The CPC has released the list of current donors for the Adisadel Centenary. Please visit the link below for the PDF version of the list:

Donor List

Centenary Activities for 2010

The latest information on the Adisadel Centenary celebration can be found at the following link: Centenary Page

Centenary Anthem

Toronto, Canada, Sunday 13th June 2010 - The Centenary Anthem has been released. The anthem is written and performed by Ricky Telfer (Hamlyn, 1965). All Santaclausians are expected to learn how to sing it in preparation for the Centenary particularly the Centenary Week Events. We would like to encourage all Old Boys to listen to the song and practice singing it.

Below are the lyrics and sound track:

Adisadel Centenary Anthem

Adisadel College, you're a century old
We tip our hats to you
We your sons unite,
Celebrate all night
And to thank the Lord above
He has aided you
To have come this far
Do go on for years to come
Santaclausians, rise up
Show your pride.
Adisadel forevermore.

We will beat the drum
Sing songs of joy
As we dance and jubilate
We'll keep praying for God's helping hand
On all who pass through your gates.

He has aided you
To have come this far
Do go on for years to come
Santaclausians, rise up
Show your pride.
Adisadel forevermore.

Book Review: Adisadel On The Hill - The Story

Mr. Kojo Yankah (President of the African University College of Communications) reviews the latest book on Adisadel College titled Adisadel On the Hill - The Story written by Rev. Cannon Pobee for the centenary. The book was published and launched in March this year.

The book is 230 pages long, spanning 16 chapters, with 13 pages illustrated with both familiar and unfamiliar pictures. The Foreword is written by Justice Akrofi, the Archbishop and Primate of the Church of the Province of West Africa; and the Preface is by the author himself. Guided by part of the First Letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians, (8-9), and being a theologian himself, well brought up by Adisadel College, John S. Pobee, does not depart from the assignment given him by the management Board of Adisadel, i.e. to write an official history of Adisadel College – the Story. He admonished himself rather quickly with the biblical guidance: all things may be lawful, but not all things are expedient.

The book is available for sale at the Adisadel College Secretariat in Accra, Ghana. Contact: Jameel Nettey by phone 0302-255153 or 0244-504947 or Email:

Click on this link to read Kojo Yankah's Review.

Centenary Candle Light Procession

Candle light ProcessionA candle light procession was held by students of Adisadel the night before the Speech Day in Cape Coast - Friday March 12th. 2010. The procession had students light up candles, touches with some wearing masks and walking to the site of the humble beginnings of the school at Topp Yard.

A huge bonfire  was lit which burned throughout the night. With a local brass band playing to diverse tunes it was a delight and a sentimental scene for Old Boys of the school, current students and residents of the neighbouring suburbs that participated.

Click on the picture for more photos.

Book Launch: "Adisadel On The Hill"

A colourful ceremony has taken place at the British Council in Accra, Ghana to launch a book titled ‘Adisadel on the Hill’ . The book written by Rev’d Canon Professor Emeritus John Samuel Pobee, Vicar General of the Anglican Diocese of Accra has been put on the market to coincide with the Centenary Anniversary of Adisadel College, the first Anglican Secondary School in Ghana.

In presenting the book to the public, the author Canon Professor Emeritus J. S. Pobee said he has written the book to meet the aspirations and expectations of all year groups . He continued that, the book is an instrument to galvanize all old boys of the school, commonly known as Santaclausians, to support the school. Canon Prof. Pobee observed that, the school as other schools do, brings people from all corners in the country together, thus helping to foster unity into the country.

Reviewing the book , Mr. Kojo Yankah, President and Founder of the African University College of Communications and Chairman of the Yankah Associates, observed that a lot of brilliant books have been written about Adisadel , but “Adisadel on the Hill” is a wonderful, well researched book about Adisadel. He encouraged every Ghanaian to endeavour to read the book saying Santaclausians will by reading it know who they are and live like it, and non-santaclausians will gain spiritual guidance to re-mould their lives for the better.

In his remarks, the chairman for the ceremony, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, MP for Assin North appealed to old Boys Associations of Adisadel to contribute , both in cash and kind; , to the welfare and progress of the school.

Credit: Anglican Diocese of Accra

Adisadel Celebrates 100th. Anniversary Speech Day

Cape Coast, March 14, GNA - The Deputy Minister of Education, Dr. Samuel Joseph Annan, on Saturday March 13th. said that education without respect for one another, discipline, loyalty and patriotism was meaningless. He expressed regret about the failing standards in the quality of teaching and learning in institutions, saying, indiscipline, increase in population and inadequate infrastructure were some of the causes. The Deputy Minister made the observation at Adisadel College's (Adisco) 100th Speech and Prize- Giving and Founder's Day Celebration in Cape Coast, on the theme, "Projecting the Adisadel Spirit into the Next Century", and called on Senior High Schools (SHS) in the country to give priority attention to technical and vocational training.

He said training students in these fields will make them innovative and bring out their talents and will also help Ghana to achieve its goal of becoming a middle income country. Dr. Annan said to compliment government's efforts in attaining the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) students should be self-motivated and be willing to sacrifice their time to study to be successful in life. Dr. Ave Kludze Junior, a Rocket Scientist at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the United States, and an old boy, urged the Ghana Education Service (GES) to incorporate modern technology in its curriculum and emphasis should be placed on science, mathematics and technology.

He said he will establish a Virtual National Science Technology pre- Engineering and Mathematics Centre (STEM), which according to him, will link Adisco to the world by creating and leveraging advanced scientific and mathematics studies for students of the school. Dr. Kludze said without education, the nation's future was bleak and the people wallow in ignorance. He therefore advised students to be curious and learn more, so as to become great achievers to assist in nation building. Touching on the new four-year SHS duration system, he said that it was not the length of education one received that mattered, but rather the quality and standard of education as well as the commitment of the individual.

The Headmaster of Adisco, Mr. Herbert Graham disclosed that Adisadel College was the only school in Ghana which has enough classrooms to serve the fourth year SHS students. He said this was made possible by the GETFUND, which constructed a 16- unit classroom block for the school. Mr Graham asked for more infrastructures in order to create more rooms to admit more students.

He also disclosed that aside a four-storey eight-unit block of flats being constructed for the staff; the GETFUND was also constructing the Centenary Resource Centre near the Accra-Takoradi highway, which will have a 3,000- capacity assembly hall, a library and an ICT centre. Mr. Graham said the school which was established on January 4, 1910 with 29 boys, currently has a total of 1,447 boys (all boarders) in line with the government's policy of making education accessible to all children. He said the school has over the years produced men with outstanding qualities serving in the field of education, politics, religion, medicine, law and business in Ghana, Africa and the world at large. The Assistant Headmaster in charge of academics, Mr. Joseph Opare presented prizes to deserving students, teaching and non- teaching staff.

1978 Year Group Delivers Cadet Uniforms to Adisadel

he 1978 Year Group has presented cadet uniforms to the Headmaster Mr. H. Graham just in time before the Centenary Speech Day to be held in March.  In a letter to the President of the '78 Year Group (Donald Gwira) the headmaster  expressed sincere gratitude to the Old Boys on behalf of their cherished Alma Mater. He indicated that the redemption of their pledge did indeed come at the right time and the school was grateful to the year group for its kind gesture.

The items presented included the following:

Item Quantity
Socks 40
Boots OG 32
Boots Cam 8
Trousers OG 32
Trousers Cam 6 (2)
T-Shirts OG 38
T-Shirts (Brown) 2
Shirts OG 32
Shorts Cam 6 (2)
Hats OG 32
Hats Cam 6 (2)
Belts 40
Numbers in brackets to be supplied later

Centenary Launch and Church Service
Welcome Address by Abam Quartey - Board Chairman
4th. January 2010, Cape Coast.

It is exciting to live to be part of a celebration of the centenary of a school which by all accounts has done well for herself, guided by the motto: ‘Either the First or with the First.’ Today we kick start a yearlong series of celebration. As an Anglican Foundation,), it is fitting and proper that we begin with a session of worship in a liturgical setting and with the leadership of Anglican tradition in Ghana leading us. We welcome you, our leaders, our beloved Shepherds.

According to the records, Adisadel College started as SPG Grammar School, as a result of corporate action by some Cape Coasters, the first Bishop of Accra Rt. Rev. Nathaniel Temple Hamyn and others. This reminds us of the Akan proverb, wonsom, wonsom, oyε dom, oyε nimpa i.e. you need people in their numbers working together to achieve results, I want to believe that whatever else we do today, we are giving thanks to God for vision, foresight, and the corporate action and wisdom that came to fruition in this School. In the 100 years others have done their bit. The move from Topp Yard in the shadow of Christ Church to Adisadel on the hill is another story of contributions of many that demonstrated another characteristic of Adisadel spirit, namely self-help. Allow me to welcome all of you to this historic event.

And so, by this celebration we also wish to remember and give thanks for the contributions of all who throughout the century have so orchestrated things to bring Adisadel where we are today. Well has the School Ode said,

"Others have labored We Share their glory Ours' to do exploits And add to their gain Those who come after Will take -up our story And may it be worthy of singing again….

We decided to begin this celebration with a Eucharistic celebration so as to re-enact the beginning of Adisadel College. On 4thJanuary 1910 Bishop Nathaniel Temple Hamlyn, Bishop of Accra celebrated the Eucharist to start it at Christ Church. And so today we are here at Christ Church for a Eucharistic celebration remembering our past. The chief celebrant is the Bishop of Accra, successor of the first Bishop of Accra. In the afternoon he, Bishop Nathaniel Temple Hamlyn and his wife organized an at home to bring together all those who had been part of the generation of the vision of the School and its translation into fruition.

This was amply captured in the Log book of the school in 1910 and goes as follows:

The school was opened on Tuesday January 4th 1910 There was a celebration of Holy communion in Christ Church at 7:30 a.m. The service was well attended. At 3:45 p.m. a dedication service was held in Christ Church after which an at Home was given at the church house by the Rt. Reverend Bishop and Mrs. Hamlyn to meet the School Governors, the church official and all who have interested themselves in the starting of the school. At 5 o’clock the school was officially opened by the Lord Bishop of Accra and signed by some dignitaries present.

Things have changed; the one Diocese of Accra which covered the entire geographical area of Ghana has given birth to a number of parishes. And so, the Archbishop and Bishop of Accra has invited his brother bishops to concelebrate with him - a sign that the entire Anglican tradition in Ghana still sees Adisadel College as integral part of her mission story. We thank you for accepting us and being with us on this Special Day.

Your Grace and Bishops of the Anglican communion in Ghana, because we believe God’s blessing is essential for success, it is my humble privilege to invite you to lead us in a spiritual and religious event and experience that will touch and accompany us in the year of celebration.

Centenary Planning Committee To Usher in Centenary Year
4th. January 1910 - 4th. January 2010   (Press Release)

A special Trade and Exhibition fair, dubbed “Santa Centefair”, to provide the platform for old students of Adisadel College who are in the manufacturing sector, trade, and other service providers to showcase their products and services is one of the major events slated for the commemoration of the 100 years anniversary of the school. The fair to be held in May 2010 in Accra is also expected to attract participation of the general public. This was announced by the chairman of the National Centenary Planning Committee (CPC), Mr. Jose Nicco-Annan in his New Year message to all past and present students of Adisadel College, popularly referred to as “Santaclausians”

He said Adisadel College, ranked among the top 100 most outstanding and prominent colleges in Africa, should, at 100, not only be seen celebrating this occasion in fanfare but rather have a meaningful success story to tell. It is in this direction that some of the programmes designed for the centenary celebration are geared towards showcasing the contribution of Santaclausians towards national and global development. Mr. Nicco-Annan charged Santaclausians who are in industry, trade and commerce as well as the general public to take advantage of this unique platform, the first of its kind to be associated with such celebrations of a school in the country, and showcase their potential to the world.

Mr. Nicco-Annan further disclosed that the official launch of the year long celebrations kick-starts with a special church service to commemorate the formal signing of the Adisadel College charter that brought into being Adisadel College. The service will be held on Monday, 4th January, 2010 starting at 10am at Christ Church Cathedral, Cape Coast, the venue of the signing of the charter, and will be presided over by Most Reverend Justice Ofei Akrofi, Bishop of Accra and Archbishop & Primate of the Church of the Province of West Africa, assisted by all Anglican bishops.

Other programmes earmarked for celebrations are a Fundraising Dinner Dance in Accra, a Book Launch and Lecture Series in Kumasi and Accra, Thanksgiving Service in Accra, the Homecoming Speech Day in Cape Coast, a Medical Outreach and Centenary Durbar and an Awards Dinner Dance at Cape Coast.

Touching on the ongoing construction works of the Centenary Resource Centre Complex, Mr. Nicco-Annan lamented the slow response of some Santaclausians in the payment of their contributions toward the realization of this dream. The completion of the Centenary Resource Centre is a challenge not only to the CPC, but also the School Management and Board of Governors, as well as other concerned old boys. He said that if well meaning Santaclausians have any gratitude to express towards their alma mater, then this is the time they should gird up their loins and give the school their best.

Mr. Nicco-Annan wished Santaclausians the best of the ensuing year and urged them to update themselves with news on the school and the centenary celebrations by contacting the secretariat of the CPC (telephone 021-255153/4) and regular visits to the following websites:



Paul Adjetey-Dsane
Coordinator, Publicity Committee
for Jose Nicco-Annan Chairman, CPC

$5 Million Adisadel Centenary Capital Campaign

The U.S. Fund Raising Committee set up by the Adisadel Old Boys Association - North America and the Adisadel Foundation Inc. kicked off a $5 million Adisadel Capital Campaign this month April, 2009. The Committee setup in August 2008 is tasked with the responsibility of raising funds for the Adisadel Centenary Capital Campaign in North America.

Mr. Godfred P. Otuteye, Chairman of the Committee indicated that a  set of documents including a Capital Campaign brochure, a pledge form and information on the current poor state of infrastructure on the school campus is being mailed out to Old Boys in North America to help solicit funds for the campaign. He hoped that Santaclausians and friends of Adisadel will come to the aid of the school by donating generously to help fix up the structures in the school, some of which were built by the  students in the 1930s.

Please click on the following link for more information on the Capital Campaign:

Adisadel Centenary Capital Campaign...

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Mr. Solomon A. Quartey
Chairman - Adisadel College Board of Directors



Mr. H. K. K. Graham



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Rev. Nathaniel Hamlyn
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