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Adisadel Celebrates 105 years

Cape Coast, March 16, 2015, Graphic Online - The government has been urged to fix the unimpressive macro economic climate that is dampening the hope of reviving employment fortunes in the country.

The Strategy and Corporate Affairs Director of the Ghana Cement Company, Rev. Dr George Dawson-Ahmoah, said “job opportunities are declining because industries are collapsing,” and urged the government to fix it.

Rev. Dr Dawson-Ahmoah was speaking as the Guest Speaker at the 105th Speech and Prize-giving Day of the Adisadel College in Cape Coast at the weekend.

It was on the theme: Bridging the gap between Academia and Industry — A Collaborative Partnership. He urged the government to work harder to fix the bottlenecks hampering industrial growth to help sustain old businesses and grow new ones.

“Where are the shoe, jute and rubber factories. Coca Cola and Tullow Oil are downsizing, Newmont has finished,” he observed. Rev. Dr Dawson-Ahmoah, who is an old student of the college, cited the lack of access to credit, cost of credit, high taxes, instability of the currency and the erratic power supply as some of the serious bottlenecks collapsing industries.

He noted that the academia and industry collaboration was not yet successful in Ghana due to inadequate innovative human resource. He called for specialised institutions to help train qualified human resource with practical skills needed on the job market for the private sector to live up to its role as the engine of growth.

He also called for the establishment of entrepreneurship centres to train people to start their own businesses, saying that out of the 255,000 youth who joined the labour force annually, 5,000, representing 6.5 per cent were employed by the formal sector. He called for a review of curricula and counselling centres to support the youth to make the right career choices. He urged students to be disciplined and studious and also focus on achieving greater heights.

Guest of Honour

A Ghanaian radiologist based in the USA, Dr. Godfred Gaisie, who was the Guest of Honour, said Ghana’s youth must learn from the mistakes of past and current leaders in order to build a more prosperous nation. To do this, he said the youth must be determined to build a less corrupt society in future. “Be a generation that totally banished corruption from Ghana,” he said.

Dr. Gaisie, Managing Director of the Department of Radiology, Akrons Children Hospital, USA, who is a member of the 1965 year group, said the youth must work to build themselves up to be able to squarely deal with the socio-economic challenges facing the country.

“It becomes your responsibility as future leaders to learn from our mistakes and set the country on the right path because you will inherit it after we leave,” he stated. He said the youth must be more determined to solve the problems of flooding in the nation’s cities and provide a reliable water and electricity supply system to make the country a better one.ricity supply system to make the country a better one.

ICT System

Dr. Gaisie indicated that the 1965 year group presented a new computer system for the schools 40-seat computer laboratory. He explained that the system would allow students to use the laboratory for basic computer literacy and for advanced information technology skills for elective Information and Communications Technology (ICT) students, including visual basic

The Headmaster of Adisadel College, Mr. William Kusi-Yeboah, said discipline in the school had improved significantly. He called for support for the completion of stalled projects, including a centenary auditorium, the dormitory complex, staff bungalows and classrooms.

The 1990 year group sponsored the occasion, while the 2001 year group and the Lancaster University made presentations to the school.

Students and staff who excelled in their various fields of endeavour were rewarded.


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Appreciation From Headmaster

The Headmaster and Management of Adisadel College are very grateful to the National Executive Committee (NEC) for all that they have done for the publicity and marketing and championing of Adisadel College particularly the initiative to complete the almighty College fence wall. We are hopeful that the collaboration and spirit of teamwork would persist till the 2nd coming of our Great Rabbi Jesus Christ in the interest of our Alma Mater.

We are equally appreciative of all Santaclausians as well as our benefactors and well wishers. We love you to the max. God will certainly reward all of us abundantly. VEL PRIMUS VEL CUM PRIMIS.

William Kusi Yeboah, Santa '77


National Executive Committee (NEC)

The NEC wishes to express it's heartfelt gratitude to all Santaclausians who supported and assisted in the organisation of the 105th Speech and Prize Giving day and the 2015 Annual Congress of Old Boys on Saturday 14th March, 2015. Participation at this year's speech day was very impressive. To the Sponsoring year group we say thank you for a yeoman's job. You did marvelously well. To the 1965 Year Group, God richly bless you for giving you the strength and will to celebrate your golden jubilee after leaving the HILL. We say a Big Thank you to Dr. Godfrey Gaisie, 1965 and Rev. Dr. George Dawson-Ahmoah, 1977 who were the Guest of Honor and Guest Speakers for this year's Speech Day. God richly bless you for your effort, time and resources expended to make the speech day a special one. We are grateful.

NEC Congress Report

The president's and financial reports were read. Members present congratulated the executives for a good work and were particularly impressed by the financial position of the NEC.

Members wanted the current team to stay on for a new term considering the excellent work done but the Executives raised a constitutional challenge that needed to be addressed. Lawyer Daniel Owusu Nyampong of the 1983 year group was made the returning officer and mandated to explain the constitution to the members.

The constitution limits Executives to 2 consecutive terms of 2 years each for each position. The outgoing executives have serve their maximum at each position already with the exception of the President and elected members.

The nominations for the following positions had been received

1. President
2. the 2 vice presidents
3. Treasurer
4. Assistant Secretary
5. Organising Secretary
6. 3 elected member positions

The Secretary and Financial Secretary positions had no nominations and where thus declared vacant. After much deliberations and disagreements, elections were conducted.

The following members were elected as our new NEC Members for a 2 year term:

Position Name Year Group
President Hon. Kojo Yankah 1964
Vice President Finance & Administration Emmanuel Ackah-Yensu 1977
Vice President Communications & Operations Seth Dzordzorme 1977
Assistant Secretary Clint Yoosi Boaponsem 2002
Treasurer Charles Acquah 1990
Organising Secretary Anthony Awotwi 1990
Elected Member George Archer 1984
Elected Member Sam Newton 1994
Elected Member GAS Amissah 1977
Co-opted Member David Tetteh 1970
Co-opted Member Kwabena Asiedu-Gyimah 1968

The mandate of the Secretary and Financial Secretary was extended by a term after a resolution was passed by congress to maintain them:

Position Name Year Group
Secretary Solomon Allotey 1999
Financial Secretary Edmund Asafu-Adjaye 1992

To Mr. Franklin Nuamah, Ex-NEC President and Mr. George Jerry Hanson, Ex-Vice President Communications and Operations, we appreciate your works and we are glad to have worked with you. We will still consult.

 Thank you,
Solomon Allotey.


Rt. Rev'd Dr. Victor Reginald Atta
Chairman - Adisadel College Board of Directors



Mr. William Kusi-Yeboah



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